Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Hydraulophone

This instrument uses water to produce sound. And it sounds fantastic!

The Carillon - a 48 ton bell instrument

Monster Tubulum

Check out this huge percussive instrument!

The double slide controller

Crazy complicated MIDI controller...

Samchillian tip-tip whatever

I heard about this instrument some years earlier but now someone made it into a ready product.

Here's the original Samchillian. Looks a bit different but also cool in a different kind of way.

Dennis Havlena's awesome acoustic DIY instruments

The Physics of DIY Instruments

Here's a really interesting short informational video on a composer and his strange instruments.


This piece of software allows you to make songs by emulating a Commodore 64 sound chip. Great stuff, and it's free to download!

The Banj-Fabulator

A contestant in the Red Bull Crestion contest shows off his DIY instrument.