Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Crazy 16-trackpad MIDI controller: RADIX16

More DIY for you. This guy made his own Akai MPC style controller - but with laptop trackpads! This means each pad can track it's own X/Y coordinate! This must be a first in the history of pad controllers!

Found via hack a day.

The FlightDeck - a touchless MIDI controller

Another cool DIY controller, this time made with distance sensors. Combined with the software, a MAX/MSP patch, this DIY enthusiast can now control his favourite synths like a wizard.

Found on hack a day.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

littleBits keytar and synth spin table demos

Here's some more from littleBits: a keytar and a synth spin table project.

littleBits are a product family of little electronics modules that can be connected together like legos. If you don't already know, they just started collaboration with Korg for a new synthesizer module product line...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Dentaku Ototo minisynth

Dentaku have created a mini-synthesizer the size of a cassette tape: Ototo. Looks fun!

dream 64: a free commodore 64 chiptune VST plugin

This is for the SID fans out there: a freeware SID-emulating VSTi for Windows.

littleBits and Korg to release modular synth product line

Korg just keeps bringing out some excellent toys for synth geeks. Now they have started collaboration with littleBits, a company making open-source modular circuit boards that can be connected like legos. That's right, Korg is now making open-source synth modules. They've released the monotron schematics already a while back and seems like it worked out just fine for them. It's great to see a big company like Korg embracing the DIY synth community like this!

Read this great article on create digital music for more info on the littleBits + Korg collab.

Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Arduino-controlled guitar

No more fiddling with pots: this guy removed the knobs and replaced them with an on-board Arduino with a Bluetooth module. On top of that he wrote an Android application with which he can change presets on the fly and even create some tremolo-like effects by switching between the presets automatically.

Details on the project can be found on the Arduguitar home page.

DIY NES synth

Here's a great DIY build: a small keyboard imitates 4 NES controllers that are connected to the original NES running a NESK-1 synthesizer cartridge.

Check out also this demo of the NESK-1: