Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Ondes Martenot

The Ondes Martenot is an old electronic instrument that sounds like the theremin.

This guy made his own, modern version of the Martenot, for controlling a Korg Monotribe. Check it out!

The post at Hack a Day has some more information for those interested in building their own.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Peter Edwards of Casperelectronics on Circuit bending

Nice short video interviewing Peter Edwards on circuit bending, what else.

Electric kazoo

Doesn't get simpler than this! Just a glue a piezo to the kazoo, soldered to an audio jack.

Via the circuit-bending and musical diy Google+ community.

Breadboard based modular synth by STEIM

Here's a video demonstrating a breadboard based modular synthesizer by STEIM:

This seems like a great way to create a VERY complex modular with minimal effort - no need to have kilograms of patch cables and banana jacks!

For more info, see the webpage with documentation.

Found from the circuit-bending and musical diy Google+ community.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Guitarduino

This guy made some enhancements to his guitar with an Arduino... just awesome!!!

Read more on the details at Hack A Day.

The sidrazzi glitch synth kit

This one is really a strange instrument indeed. I'm not sure I fully understand what the sidrazzi even is. Seems to be on the glitch department. Here's a part of the author's description, though it doesn't help much:

The Sidrassi is an Organ, designed to reflect the glory of god with pure triangular voices. But it also allows exploration of the Devils' Tone, which is irrational pitch relationships achieved through analog modulations. 

And here's the video you're waiting for:

The AWESOME Paradiso synthesizer

Any synth enthusiast HAS TO SEE THIS!!!

Open-source DIY synthesizer: Struthi-1

The Struthi-1 is an open-source hybrid digital/analog synthesizer, costing 140€.

Demonstration of unusual world instruments

This great clip of Randy Raine-Reusch playing a lot of unusual acoustic world instruments.

Here's a list of the demonstrated instruments:

0:01 Thai khaen,
0:09 Appalachian dulcimer,
0:24 Chinese hulusi,
0:36 Chinese bawu,
0:46 Chinese dizi,
0:56 Chinese xun,
1:07 Thai (Lisu) naw (hulusheng in China),
1:15 Malaysian (Kayan) selingut,
1:19 Hawaiian one hano ihu,
1:23 Indian pungi,
1:29 Egyptian midjweh,
1:32 Vanuatu shark mouth flute,
1:37 Indonesian (Sunda) suling,
1:41 Slovakian Koncovka,
1:48 Chinese (Uighur, Xinjiang Province) satar,
1:50 Chinese (Uighur, Xinjiang Province) dutar,
1:54 Czech platerspiel,
1:57 Vietnamese dan nguyen,
2:00 Thai (Lanna) seung,
2:03 Ugandan ekidongo, ennenga or adunga,
2:06 Thai (Lanna) pin pia,
2:10 Kenyan nyatiti,
2:13 Vietnamese koni,
2:15 Vietnamese bro,
2:17 South African chipendani,
2:19 Bengali ektara,
2:20 Persian ney,
2:22 Philippine kubing,
2:24 Lao (Hmung) gaeng,
2:25 Chinese (Miao) kouqin,
2:27 Australian didjeridu,
2:28 Nigerian (Birom) yomkwo,
2:30 Malaysian (Bidayuh) kiromboi (snail shells),
2:31 Canadian North West cedar whistle,
2:32 American (Plains people) courting flute,
2:34 USA triple ocarina, Malaysian (Iban) engkulurai, Jewish shofar,
2:35 Indian conch, Bengali khomok,
2:36 Mexican ocarina,
2:37 Vietnamese (Ede) ding tac ta, Ghana aslatua,
2:38 Ivory Coast ahoco, Ghanian alghaita.

Awesome open-source softsynth: ZynAddSubFX

Here's an open-source softsynth with awesome sounds: ZynAddSubFX. It is available for Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Here's a sound demo with all sounds coming from ZynAddSubFX. The screenshot is rumored to be from an upcoming GUI rework...

Open-source DIY synthesizer: Auduino

Auduino is an open-source synthesizer on the Arduino platform. Making one costs you about $50.

Here's one built with a stylus controller from a Gakken SX-150. Note that the delay and the back-up tracks are not coming from the Auduino.

Auduino with a sequencer

Here's a dry example - in this one all the audio is coming from the Auduino.